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Gallery of Selected projects........

Air Quality Dispersion Modeling, Sultanate of Oman

The objective of air dispersion modeling study was to identify any hot spots, if available in the proposed project area which exceeds the ambient air quality standards.


The project comprise 3 point sources of emissions: 

  1. Zinc dust filter chimney

  2. Scrubber chimney for the galvanization furnace

  3. Lead Emissions from filter chimney


The Ground Level Concentrations (GLCs) for Zinc dust, Lead dust and HCl mist were modeled using the USEPA AERMOD software for 2Km x 2Km Grid and four 14 discreet receptors.

Contaminated Soil Investigation, Sultanate of Oman

Project was conceived to quantify the wastes generated during decommissioning and demolition of Gathering Stations, Remote Manifold Stations, Pipelines/ Flowlines and related infrastructure.


The objective of the study was to identify the soil contaminated areas, quantify the contaminated soil, identify the soil handling procedure, assess the risk from the contamination, compute the associated costs and prepare SOW for third party clean-up contractors.

Highway Noise mapping,


Project was conceived to identify the hot spots of Noise in the Residential and Commercial zone adjacent to the Highway.


Noise mapping was conducted using SoundPlan software with Average and Peak Traffic conditions. A soil berm barrier was planned as a mitigation measure to reduce the noise at nearby Residential receptors.


Noise mapping was conducted with and without barrier. The shape and size pf the Soil Berm barrier was finalized based on Noise mapping results.

Quantitative Risk Assessment of Pipeline, Sultanate of Oman

The scope of the work was to conduct QRA study for the proposed 8” Natural Gas pipeline. The objective of the study was to identify the hazards associated with the pipeline route and risk to the people, environment and asset due to accidental failures during the operation of the facility.

The Software Phast/Safeti was used for for assessing the Risk and Consequence calculation.


Recommend risk reducing measures to ensure that all risks within the “ALARP” Region.

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