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Freelancing is the novel way for the consulting business to move ahead in the 21st century as the best of the talented professional are freelancing, which itself is a hyper-competitive market. We harness that pool of talent saving on infrastructure, management and related expenses, which happen to control (in fact reduce) our costs. This reflects in increased margins or profitability which we pass on to our clients.


We select the best freelance professionals or area experts for our projects. The quality of deliverable is controlled through our in-house Project Managers and Quality Control experts. We commit to 48 hours turn around time for quotations saving your precious time as we have very small centralized team. 

The on-board project team is very concise, thus easily manageable allowing us achieve timelines promptly. We the family of CEE India pride ourselves as the company that meets the client expectations at considerable lower costs.

We invite you to interact with us to understand our services which can substantially impact your business bottom line.

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